Ask Elesa Kamitsure

((Hi guys! Sorry for being inactive for such a long time! Eeep, so much has happened. I don’t even know where to start! But yeah, I think I’m going to continue this blog again. Please address your questions to BW2 Elesa instead! T-thanks! ;;;u;;;)) 

Well, I’m back! I suppose it’s been an awfully long time. 

Happy, er, belated Valentine’s Day?

Consider this a little Valentine’s present to all of you, I suppose.

I should have made this post a few days ago, I know, but I was wallowing in the mail that came in. It was a bit crazy. 

I’ve been answering all of these messages and I was so occupied that I forgot about this, so, I’m really sorry. 

Remember to spend time with your friends and family as well, all right? Valentine’s isn’t solely a couple event. 


Dear krs100,

If my memory does not fail me, there were a few photoshoots that I went to where I had to get hair extensions. However, I look pretty weird and unnatural, don’t I? I also don’t know how to handle long hair and ponytails well. 


I’d stick with short hair. Long hair is really heavy on your shoulders and it’s unbearably hot, especially when the weather is hot, too. It’s also a bother to manage; there are so many more things to do, like making sure you condition them every day, and dealing with split ends, tangles and frizzy hair. Then there’s the part where you decide how to style your hair.

I’m sure if I had long hair I’d have the most fun coming up with ways to style it, but generally, I wouldn’t want to grow out my hair.


Dear j-olt,

I knew someone would ask this type of question. As you know, Gym Leaders are somewhat like celebrities and, like celebrities, they have clothes prepared for them to wear when presenting themselves to the public. The outfit that I am normally seen in is exactly what I’m talking about. Of course, I didn’t choose the outfit myself; that is decided by my manager and some other of her colleagues.

You really didn’t think that I’d wear that 24/7, did you? I prefer to wear this kind of clothes, especially in the winter. I’m pretty sure I’d freeze to death if I didn’t.


Dear kat-reverie,

I remember quite fondly of the time when I was little, and had my first Gym battle. With Emolga, I won the battle after a long fight, and I was so overjoyed when the Gym Leader handed me the badge which I had worked so hard for. It was one of the happiest moments in my life which I remember.

I decided that I wanted to be that kind of person who inspires others, and make kids’ dreams come true just like how mine did. As such, I applied to be a Gym Leader, and got to where I am today.


Hello, everyone! My name is Elesa, Gym Leader of Nimbasa City, and my ask blog is open. Feel free to ask any questions if you want to. 

((OOC: Hi!! This is my first ask blog, and I’m going to try to improve on my drawings of Elesa! I’ll try to be as accurate as possible~~  ”“orz))